Mailbag: Can Gallimore Bounce Back in 2023? 

Mailbag: Can Gallimore Bounce Back in 2023? 

Mailbag: Can Gallimore Bounce Back in 2023?

20230602 DAL Neville Gallimore01
02 June 2023: Neville Gallimore (96) of the Dallas Cowboys during an OTA practice at the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas. Photo by James D. Smith/Dallas Cowboys

Before Neville Gallimore dislocated his elbow in 2021, he performed at a pretty high level. Following his injury, his production dropped significantly. After another year of rehab and getting healthy, do you see him returning to his pre-injury performance level, similar to Michael Gallup? With the drafting of Mazi Smith, Chauncey Golston playing well inside last season and even Isaac Alarcón being moved to defensive tackle is Gallimore on thin ice? – Steve Stroup/Farmington, MO

Nick Eatman: There are two things I’m pretty sure of regarding this situation. No, 1, Gallimore has the ability to be a beast. Now, he doesn’t always play to that level, but most players don’t. That’s what separates the elite players with the good players. They all have the ability to be dominant, but the ones that do it regularly are the ones that get all the accolades. We’ve seen Gallimore play like that in the past and he just has to get there with consistency. Now, for my No. 2 point, never underestimate the power of a contract year. This is the fourth season for Gallimore, and he definitely knows they traded for Hankins, re-signed Hankins and then drafted Mazi Smith. If that’s not eye-opening for him, Bohanna, Odighizuwa and everyone else, then they’re not paying attention. But I bet they are and I bet Gallimore comes out with a really good training camp.

Patrik: I was just pondering this thought to myself earlier this week, so I’m glad you asked because, yes, you can draw a direct line from the major elbow injury to his slowed progress and, as such, it makes me wonder if it’s been a mental thing for him in his return that isn’t dissimilar from what Michael Gallup and Jabril Cox were/are up against. I mean, a devastating injury can have that effect on a player. More time removed from that injury should serve Gallimore well, but he’ll now have the added challenge of contending with more talent to make the impact he was previously on schedule to make pre-injury, seeing as Mazi Smith has joined the fold this offseason and in how Chauncey Golston’s needle is trending upward. I don’t see a situation wherein Alarcon, who is progressing at a solid pace but still has plenty to learn at the position, is of any threat to Gallimore. In the end, all Gallimore has to do is believe he’s still the same player and that his elbow will hold up no matter what, and the rest will fall into place.

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